BITTER END | Itchikrickitch / Princess


itchikrickitch / princess

Label: Bitter End
Cat No: GALL010

Status: LANDED

12" acid house


A. Itchicrickitch
AA. Princes *Ascension*


Ten releases in, and STILL far better than the rest.

In a more raucous mood, it seems Bitter End have pre-empted the summer of debauchery ahead of us by unleashing their Sweetest exorcism yet...

ITCHICRICKITCH is the tweaking weirdo in the corner, the unsettling presence that invariably unites the room in the simplistic joy of judgement free release.

'PRINCESS' appeared on the flipside of a frankly far more regal diva originally on GALL005, here she's the smudged mascara version, much stroppier and not due home 'til way after sunrise.

As always, limited and LOUD.