PEPE BRADOCK | Dactylonomy II


dactylonomy ii

Label: Atavisme
Cat No: ATA022

Status: LANDED

12" ambient deepness electronic house LP techno


A. Index
B1. Ur Host
B2. Pitcher
B3. Danske*Mansus
B4. Inter-Oger


Counting on the fingers leads us to the Index, displaying the non exhaustive list of sonic bits used on twenty years of Pepe's phonograms. To Dance or not to Dance that is probably not the question, but definitely the answer to the A Side. Vice Versa, the B side whispers Ur Host: an army of electronic arpeggios welcoming an atmospheric cure for after hours, introducing Pitcher not the carnivorous plant but the friendly musical path to the strike zone; Danske*Mansus, a refreshing retro futuristic techno-ball, housing ardent grooves and cold sweats. Wandering our way out to sync and lock this second chapter, Inter-Oger fades to esoteric dreamscapes. Please enjoy this index of coordinated sequences and chopped waveforms!