MANGO SOUNDS | Mango Shake *Pt 1*


mango shake *pt 1*

Label: Mango Sounds
Cat No: MNGVNL001


12" afro boogie disco edits funk single


A1. ETUR USHEO | Wo Ye Wa *Na Na*
A2. WHATEVER CHARLES | African Dialects
B1. ZIGGY PHUNK | Blues Grinder
B2. SO UNDSO | Ultrashake


The good people from Mango Sounds are ready to harvest their first fresh crop of vinyl. With love and cultivation, the Mango Sound crew has produced a fine double sider with four supremely crafted cuts all in all.

On A1 Etur Usheo goes tribal on his 'Wo Ye Wa (Na Na)' slice. With subtle keys below a boogieing bass African instrumentations soon appears as called upon by a village in ecstasy. Chanting ensues luring you into the trance too.

A2 finds Whatever Charles going even deeper into the groove with his 'African Dialect'. Afro jazz at its finest drizzles its boogie onto the second round on the prestigious grooves of Mango Sounds first vinyl.

Ready to flip? Perfect! Danish Disco Dazzler Ziggy Phunk is ready to pick up the needle and lead it groove's way. 'Blues Grinder', a jazzy low key fusion piece with boogie built right in.

The last layer of the cocktail is roamed by German fusion discoists So.undso with their 'Ultrashake', an incredibly funky concoction of vibrant Disco, soulful Funk and a smidgen of electricity. Truly infectious!

Mango Sounds mean business, and this vinyl debut is bound to resonate!