strange valleys


Strange Valleys, the 2018 full-length from Starving Daughters, is a progression as well as a shift in sound from the LA band's already-stellar previous releases.

Make no doubt about it that the sound of Progressive Rock and Psychedelia still play a big role here but there's certainly a greater influence from Library Music on the new LP. The Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions blog, led by Chris Tillotson of the band, shared the music of Chris's collection of which many were Library LP's.

These records seemed to have seeped into the mind, body, and souls of the whole band on this Strange Valleys LP. Everything from the instrumentation, the attention to melody, to the track-length shows the large appreciation they have for Library music.

That being said, this moog-heavy, psychedelic-prog-funk, California-themed record is certainly unique and adventurous. Winding through the exotic roads of Strange Valleys is certainly a trip well worth taking over and over again."