ETBONZ | Beyond The Cosmic Blaze


beyond the cosmic blaze

Label: Bouquet
Cat No: BQT001

Status: LANDED

12" acid disco electronic house Re-stocks


Occasionally prodigal, but ever-prodigious, Elliot Thomas AKA Etbonz weaves an 80-s/early 90’s sci fi cinema sound into a total recall of scattered memories. Childhood play with starcom and Gobots. Soaking in cult classics like Robocop, Predator, and Big Trouble in Little China on VHS. DJing in spacey laser-lit rooms draped with sound-dampening curtains. These are the Rockstar fueled productions that Etbonz’ midnight sessions have generated for “Beyond The Cosmic Blaze.” Rounding out this scientific experiment is Grenvision's Trent, who explores psychedelic yet euphoric sonics opening a vortex to the unknown in his rework of "Blue Drink." Together, they embark on a journey trailblazing through the cosmos as they christen our newly-active Bouquet. label with our first LP.

Other than that, let’s have the music do the editorializing—if you will. We are San Diego-based party throwers kicking off our new imprint as well-informed of the global scene as we can be. The lineups we present in our party’s young life are curated to deliver cohesive yet diverse sonic experiences. Enjoy the cosmic voyage across the 8th dimension, courtesy of Captain EtBuckarooBonz.