MH / RFX | Canto Club House 1


canto club house 1

Label: Fauve
Cat No: FAUVECC001


12" China edits leftfield nu disco single


A1. Track 1 *MH Edit*
A2. Track 2 *MH Edit*
B1. Storm *RFX Acid Rework*
B2. Midnight Queen *RFX Edit*


From party people with shoulder pads, big hair, white Rolls-Royces, panama hats, the Fragrant Harbour that is Hong Kong, had a very unique Hotel Clubbing scene before places like DD's, Canton Disco and Hot Gossip opened their doors.

After the high-in-demand digital release of the "Extinct Melodies From The Canto Club" we've had a lot of requests for more cantonese edits since features on Stamp The Wax and big names such as Blessed Madonna, Nd_baumecker, Crazy P, Ben UFO, Tim Sweeney and more have dropped these in their DJ sets. So we decided to start a series called "Canto Club House" which will be dedicated to cantonese edits. And what better way to start this series with the two canto head diggers raised in Hong Kong: MH and RFX.

Club-friendly and cheese is what this release is all about.