CHMMR | Try New Things


try new things

Label: Full Pupp
Cat No: FPLP014

Status: LANDED

12" ambient electronic experimental LP


A1. Ultrafine
A2. 1 More Day 2 Play
A3. Adult Land #6
A4. NFO Love Song
B1. We Live In Melas Chasma, Baby
B2. Afterparty At Andrew’s
B3. 1.4 cc
B4. EFnet Sober *Live At Sapphire '98*


LP Beatuful Ambient/Listening ALbum by EVEN BRENDEN from Norway. Following his debut 'Auto', Chmmr delivers a new collection of musics to inspire half an hour of your life. The sophomore album features (in order of appearance): Prefab naiveness. Idle saturdays in early fall. Inaccurate weather reports. Lead arias for courtship. A planet. Romantic stage pianos. An ode. Post LAN party mood. All in all a fitting backdrop for any function that's about opening yourself up, be that in solitude or in good company. This record is meant as an imperative to the listener: Try new things. You may regret it. It might backfire. Do it anyway.