ILIJA RUDMAN | Where The Wild Horses Go


where the wild horses go


A1. Three Four Amazing
A2. We Hold The Light
A3. Your Smile Is Shotgun
A4. Where Wild Horses Go
A5. Demons Race *Theme*
A6. After The Gold Rush
B1. Over The Hill
B2. Broken Home - Lost Son's Diary
B3. Black Marble
B4. Exodus *Theme*
B5. Ministry Of Lost Souls *Outro Theme*
B6. Riders Of The Secret Gardens



The Forbidden Dance label is marking their first year of existence and with already top-notch names (Vick Lavender, Alton Miller, The Mechanical Man) with the first three releases, they are celebrating the one year mark with another global gem, disco and house finest - Ilija Rudman! Where Wild Horses Go is conveying an unquestionable sense of 80's electro and synth boogie filled with smooth and heavily reverberated rhythmics drenched in strong snares. Aligned with catchy and spaced-out disco pads, the album is riddled with ever strong analogue elements processed in a light, quirky and summerish way but with enough groove in some tracks easily applicable on the dancefloors in the late hours. Dead Horse Gang is a brainchild music band/brand by Ilija Rudman dedicated to cinematic dance concept laying on the Los Angeles funk attitude, Art Of Noise perception of sound and raw 12-bit grooves making a statement of mid 80's culture with surf vibe of California summer.

"Dead Horse Gang Music is more than music, it's a way of life, a way of thinking, a path to a maximum freedom of the one, who can accept it." -Ilija Rudman