LHAS | Tears Are Dry


tears are dry


A1. Tears Are Dry
A2. Toys Out The Pram
B1. What's In A Name
B2. Fuzzy Knows


The Larry Heard Appreciation Society returns!!

For those newbies at the back, LHAS is the work of Jaime Read, whose celebrated releases over the last 20 odd years on labels like Ugly Music, Golf Channel, Fragmented etc etc have kept him - quite rightly - at the top of class for on-point homages to golden era Chicago House & early Techno.

Utilising a familiar, authentic sound palette, LHAS manages to be at once familiar, timeless and yet right up to date and relevant on floors still underpinned by the same sonic blueprint. This new selection is, in our humble opinion, up there with his best. From atmospheric, glacial machine groovers to deep, disembodied vocal joints, to an uplifting retro-Chicago workout and, last but by no means least a spectacular late-night jam which manages to drive via Sterling Void & Marcus Mixx, to all new alien destinations...

Top class, for your head and your ass!