PIRY REIS | Heroi Moderno


heroi moderno

Label: New Dawn
Cat No: ND006

Status: LANDED

7" Brazil double jazz reissue


A. Heroi Moderno
B. Cisplatina *7" Version*
C. Reza Brava
D. Ceu De Managua


Brazilian music at it's finest! 2x7" set with four beautiful songs from Piry Reis.

Disc one is a reissue of his 1975 "Heroi Moderno" and includes the sought after 7inch version of "Cisplatina". The second holds the rare cuts "Reza Brava" & "Céu De Manágua". The project came together with the blessing of Piry Reis himself and is released on the sub-label of Rush Hour recordings, New Dawn - set up for less electronic but equally adventurous releases by artists we love.