REYES / KANE | Real Action Motion


real action motion

Label: LESDK
Cat No: LESDK001

Status: LANDED

12" classy bangers disco edits funk re-stocks single sleaze


From the people who brought you Disques Sinthomme and Ghost Town comes a new imprint LESDK--bringing back that NYC Lower East Side grime.

Starting with 001, side A “Real” - a soulful disco romp that has a gospel force and powerful vocal performance. The song grooves from its first beat, and pushes the energy all the way through. “Now it's time to be real…” edit as manifesto--pure heat from one of the OG’s of serious digging, Senior Reyes.

Side B “Action" - this is some dirty late night Philadelphia bar nastiness, mentholated disco with a humid female vocal, “I like to party, I like to flirt…” Closing out, “Motion” - a slice of cosmic funkiness lamenting unattainable love over thick bass moving the proceedings along. It's heartbreak in the haze of an early morning dance floor. 

Three essential edits for the DJ to bless the party people with and enhance the nights proceedings.

Dennis Kane is a DJ and producer based in NYC. He has run the Disques Sinthomme and Ghost Town labels and is also a partner in the recording group SIREN (with Darshan Jesrani) on Compost Records. Kane has produced numerous original and remix works with or for Cantoma, Liz Torres, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, and Hokis Pokis among others. He has been a DJ in NYC since the mid 90’s holding down numerous residencies, (APT, Cielo. Love, Output) and touring worldwide. He lives in NYC with his son Roan Mingus Kane.