SAMPOLOGY | Regrowth




01. Peace Lilly
02. Saturn Returns
03. Memories In Flight
04. Suffer And Swim
05. Running Around
06. Sand County Almanac
07. Reassemble
08. Ten Foot Flowers
09. All Nice & Kind
10. Blooming In The Streets
11. Obi Emotional
12. Regrowth


'Regrowth' by Sampology is an album that his last two EPs 'Natural Selections' & 'Mt Glorious' have built towards. Despite his love for sampling - with the exception of the Mariana Ingold sample on the opening song on 'Regrowth (Peace Lily)' - all of the samples you hear on the album are recorded from scratch either in his home studio or on his travels over the past four years. Regrowth has string quartets, woodwind, full 20-piece choirs, vibraphones, double bass, various pianos and synths.

Vinyl package includes a die cut 3mm spine outer sleeve revealing a beautiful foliage wrapped inner sleeve which includes full liner notes.

For every 500 copies of vinyl pressed, Middle Name Records will commit to planting 100 trees through the fantastic work from ReForest Now.