SEE THRU HANDS | Connectivity *Rmxs*


connectivity *rmxs*

Label: Sprechen
Cat No: SMV003

Status: LANDED

12" boogie electronic funk nu disco single


A1. Connectivity
A2. Connectivity *Skream Rmx*
B1. Connectivity *Jorja Chalmers Electricity Rmx*
B2. Connectivity *Massey Rmx*


It's a third trip out on vinyl for us here at Sprechen and steering us through the surf is Manchester 6 piece 'See Thru Hands' who drop seriously sanguine vibes on their lazer guided single 'Connectivity'. A self-produced alt-pop banger from the collective which fully delivers on all things 'disco-not-disco-synth-funk-dancefloor heater' vibes, which brings to mind peak 80's Chaka Khan partying with LCD Soundsystem & A Certain Ratio at Paisley Park.

Remixes for every occasion on this one with Skream cranking up the Italo disco-o-meter to 14 on his bass driven peak time banger for large room raving while Jorja Chalmers takes the party back to a smokey shebeen on her mix that sounds like Tricky sharing a blunt with Aphex Twin whilst King Tubby twiddles the dials!

Our very own Massey finishes off the package with a mucky tops-off style gutter pumper which belongs in those basements you'll often find him and many like-minded souls dwelling within.