Label: Eskapaden
Cat No: ESK55

Status: LANDED

downtempo electronic jazz LP single


01. Tocole
02. News For You
03. Feel Her Again
04. Baal On Drum Machine
05. Ride In Joy
06. 4 Million Lies
07. Every Drop Of Rain
08. Piece Of Your Heart
09. Things Fall Apart


NOWNEXT is a voyage from the past to the future, from now to then, from what's behind us to what's waiting for us just around the next corner. In musical terms these are the gaps that appear when you drift between genres and take risks. Strolling far from the well travelled Zeitgeist path.

The second album by the Sepalot Quartet floats through this timeless space and fills those cracks with a relaxed fusion of Jazz meets Indie meets Electronica, not once denying Sepalots hip hop roots. This freedom of expression can also be considered a sign of our times, with a generation coming of age without rivalling youth phenomena. Where a jazz show is held in a techno club with no further explaination needed.

With their first release the Quartet still relied on remakes from the established Sepalot discography, with their current work they laid the foundation for a truly solid form of musical self discovery. NOWNEXT is enlivened by this spirit and offers a fascinating and confindent blend of varied sounds spanning time and space.

With all this being said, NOWNEXT is truly an up to date album of international format, feeding from the rich experience of its diverse members (Sepalot, Angela Aux, Fabian Füss, Matthias Lindermayr). Memories, associations and a well carved vision are melted into a masterpiece. NOWNEXT is the latest offering by SEPALOT and his QUARTET and needs to experienced with all senses.