LOUNGE CANDELAS 2 (2CD) | By Hugh Herrera


by hugh herrera

Compiled, recorded, edited and mixed by Hugh Herrera
Mastering by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering


01. Jump Jazz – Suburban Lights
02. Afterwards @ the Bar – Caia
03. Caramel Blonde – Tom Chasteen
04. Elementis – Solar Heights
05. High Clouds – Little Big Bee
06. Mdali (Charles Webster Dub) – Nutty featuring Daddy
07. Thru 2 U (Charles Webster Trumpet Dub) – Echomen
08. The Magic Circle (Mellow Mountain Dub) – Community Recordings
09. Awakening (Needs Remix) – Francóis K. featuring Barbara Mendes
10. Live at the Nugget (Lars Bartkuhn Mix) – Russ Gabriel
11. Que Domingo (Jori Hulkkonen Mix) – Freestyle Man featuring Wanda Felicia
12. Gloria Muse – Blaze



01. It’s Been a Long Time – Wil Milton
02. Hold Up in Dublin – The Amalgamation of Soundz
03. Koté Moun Yo (Joe’s Real Rhythmental Mix) – DJ Hiro featuring Masabumi Kikuchi
04. Love is the Word – Clashing Egos
05. Now Illuminate (Green Fridge Rub) – Uschi Classen featuring Kimra
06. Define the Future – Atlantic Fusion 
07. Santiago Boys – SUMO
08. GC’s Theme – Walter Jones
09. Nu Boogie – An-2
10. Afro-disiac (Remix by Shazz) – Oscar
11. Mozalounge – Louie Vega
12. Lovebirds – Lovebirds 


Med Musik's 2004 release of Lounge Candelas Version II, is a two-disc, 24-song compilation, selected, mixed, and produced by Hugh Herrera.  At the time it was the much-anticipated return to the sexy, soulful, and life-affirming splendor that inhabited Candelas Lounge in San Diego, CA, during Hugh's tenancy there.

The two discs communicate Version II's two unspoken themes, Terra (Earth) and Lumiere (light), referencing not only the candle-lit and sun-kissed warmth the music projects, but also symbolizing Earth as the place where we live, and light as the love we can give. Concurrently, Version II marks an unbound, universal music journey designed to have listeners' minds lounging at assorted latitudes and longitudes, and their bodies grooving on the edge of the atmosphere. And before the final song, they may find themselves dancing in outer space.