VOLTA CAB | Balearic Balsam


balearic balsam


A1. Shujumi *Original Mix*
A2. Balearic Balsam
B1. Shujumi *Anatolian Weapons Rmx*
B2. Vedic Space Vehicle


Russian Producer Volta Cab presents himself in MM Discos with Balearic Balsam EP, a record that explores the borders of the sound that was born i n the white i sland, blending i t with a "new-wave" oriented vibe. On the A side, Saint Petersburg based producer, shows us what he l ikes the most partying obscure rhythms with summery-soothing atmospheres. "Shujumi'' plays along with more ethnic and oriental sounds while "Balearic Balsam" gets highly influenced by t he 80's new wave. On the B side, the talented Greek producer "Anatolian Weapons" takes over the control by remixing Shujumi, he twists the original track and adds different acid elements building a perfect 4x4 killer straight to your brain. Volta Cab finishes the EP with "Vedic Space Vehicle", getting a l ittle darker than the previous tracks on the A side but without changing the vibe, delivering an excellent new-age-elektro rooted anthem.