NAMAHAGE | Waku Waku Doom


waku waku doom

Label: Zonedog
Cat No: ZDR02


12" ambient downtempo dub electronic single


A. Waku Waku Doom
B. Bathyscaphe


Super heavy keta-dub 12" by Namahage, DJ ScotchEgg's mysterious little side project on Zonedog. Hand stamped with glow in the dark ink! Strictly limited vinyl, no digital!

'Waku Waku Doom' on A is a true low end epic. Hazy vocal scraps are flying over vast fx landscapes and percussion loops, all moving in lava lamp speed - until the track properly twists into phase two...

The beatless 'Bathyscaphe' on side B goes on a deep sea dive, balancing awe and terror as the submersible slowly descends deeper and deeper into the silent world of immense pressure.