ANDY ASH | Lightbulb




A. Lightbulb Transaction
B1. Repeaters
B2. Revolving Shadows


Liverpudlian Andy Ash is no stanger to the scene. Improving his production skills over many years, Andy has an impressive list of labels he released on: Stillove4music, Delusions of Grandeur, Dessous or Foto Recordings just to name but a few. After two compialtion tracks for Quintessentials, it's time for his first full release! The "Lightbulb EP" starts with "Lightbulb transaction", a straight floating club track just perfect for these summer nights. The b-side goes deeper, focusing on slower beats yet keeping the "summer vibe". Andy Ash is not only a master when it comes to the perfect blend of House, Disco and Techno, he is also a very talented painter, as you can see on his artwork! Hats off for the music and the design Andy!