PALOMA | Paloma Vs Virus 2


paloma vs virus 2

Label: Paloma
Cat No: PALOMA002

Status: LANDED

12" electronic house single techno


A1. LOWTEC | Museum Of Natural History Of Life
A2. MARVIN DASH | Lost In The Woods
B1. HANS NIESWANDT | Groove Y'all
B2. ERIC D CLARK | From E'vry Mountain Top


Written in approximately 1996 or shortly thereafter & born of a night out on the town naturally! …having been to hear Ranga Tikki (Ms. Codi from New Zealand) drop knowledge in Berlin's SO36: she'd played the "I have a dream" speech orated by Martin Luther King; …the mind stopped at "From every Mountain Top"! I walked back through the streets shouting that to myself until entering the flat then started immediately on the song!