SASCHA MULLER | Auslaufrillen Megamix, Vol 1 & 2


auslaufrillen megamix, vol 1 & 2


A. Auslaufrillen Megamix Vol.1
B. Auslaufrillen Megamix Vol.2


This is one of Sascha Müller's weirdest, most experimental musical ideas brought to life as a limited, hand-numbered edition of 100 gold vinyl 7"es. Following the concept of recording crackling run-out grooves from various classic Pop albums and glueing them together into one crackly mess of a megamix this one is a collectors novelty piece for those searching for the most extreme, unusual vinyl releases they can get hold of. Expect looped crackles, pops, surface noise and all the good stuff related to listening to vinyl on a regular but do not expect any kind of structure or user friendly listening experience at all. This is for the die-hard collectors and vinyl freaks only.