SENT IN SOUND | Point Loma 108


point loma 108

Label: Point Loma
Cat No: PLOMA108

Status: LANDED

12" ambient balearic re-stocks warehouse find


New and unknown Sent In Sound gets into the trendy spirit of selecting choice tracks and committing them to a 12" piece of wax. The tracks take on a sky ward direction on newly christened Point Loma (US).

If you're one of the extinct deejays who play 8-hour plus sets, start your journey before spreading your wings on the next booking with Doving on side A by Benaji Lattu. Settle into the booth, hit the loo and sequence the next movement while the lengthy and heavenly track serves its purpose; a convocation for the ceremony ahead while blessing the entering congregation.

You'll have the perfect tune to bring the room back down gently to reality at night's end with Skylove Tea by Tinopiras on side B. It's the fragrant sandalwood for the glowing sangha as it exits the guru temple also known as your party.