SKY H1 | Azure



Label: AD 93
Cat No: WHYT048


12" drum n bass dubstep electronic LP pop techno


A1. Labryrinth
A2. Darklite
A3. Topaz
A4. Silk
B1. Arctis
B2. Blade
B3. Elysian Heights
B4. Freefall
B5. Bird Strike


SKY H1 presents her long-awaited debut album, Azure, on AD 93.

The widespread success of her first EPs and appearances captured the blurring lines between her foundational experiences in drum and bass, grime, dubstep, and techno, all tilted towards schematic bursts of pop. Azure builds on these foundations and explores a delicate medley of experiences, forms, and functions, culminating in an imaginative and evocative debut album.

The title, Azure, was chosen to evoke memories of her mother, to whom the record is dedicated. The song titles reference the Access Virus synthesiser, an instrument series that made a deep and lasting impression on dance and electronic music in the early years of the new millennium.