SLEEP D | Greasy Beats & Blobs *Vol 1*


greasy beats & blobs *vol 1*


A1. Phantom
A2. Airbags
B1. Screw Driver
B2. Young Street


With a name like Sleep D one might mistakenly assume that this Australian duo produces mid tempo sounds to drift away on. Greasy Beats and Blobs Vol. 1 proves otherwise. For their inaugrual appearance on Cocktail d'Amore we find a selection of warped and slippery sounds mounted onto a skeleton of body shaking rhythm. Phantom opens the record without hesitation launching into sci fi soundscapes and electro inspired beats. Airbags feels like anything but a safe landing as it shape shifts during its runtime without ever losing its sense of urgency to dance. On the B-side we are offered up two very different pieces of electronic bliss. Screw Drive does exactly as the name implies as the incessant bass line digs deeper into your mind and drives you out into the middle of nowhere as lush pads evolve Into burst of cosmic radiation. Young Street perfectly closes the selection with a meditative embrace filled with micro sounds floating in and out of the stereo field urging you to come back down to earth.