A1. Mude Augen
A2. Reign
B1. Aphrodite Mad
B2. Oviraptor
B3. Fangs Of Gold


Imagine… You find yourself wandering through a deep forest. What do you see? What do you smell? Does it have any certain sounds? Suddenly you are remembering, you are here to find something, something important - but what was it? You can't put your finger on it and dismiss the thought. You decide to walk on when all of a sudden you are hearing these sounds and the closer you get, the clearer the sounds become. Hammering war drums and pulsating instruments are synthesizing into music. It sounds threatening, but somehow you feel invited. An inner voice is telling you to get closer and see for yourself. You are feeling curious and the urge to go where the music is coming from. Then there it is: In the middle of this wilderness, right in front of your eyes, you see a massive temple complex. Multiple mysterious entities are dancing around gold-crested pillars and enormous blazing torches on pedestals are enlightening the nightfall, while blue smoke rises from the fire to the sky at twilight. The participants of the dance seem to be in trance.

In the upper levels, on vast balconies decorated with the finest carvings, some of them are hammering the drums and playing instruments you have never seen before. There is not much time to observe the spectacle in front of your eyes. "We have awaited you." you hear a kind voice say as you gently get taken by the hand to be accompanied to join the dance ceremony. Questions are racing through your mind but right when you are about to ask them you are getting soaked in by the shamanic rhythms. In an instant you find yourself in a trance-like stage, too. Your mind is bending, the boundaries of your body are starting to transcend. You seem to be swimming through an eternal ocean of nothingness - but this nothingness seems to be the source of everything.