konyagi a gogo


A. Konyagi A Gogo
B. Konyagi A Gogo *Rafael Aragon Rmx*


Once upon a time "Miss Onion" made her way to Zanzibar, in search of real traditional African music. Luckily, she got in touch with an Italian collective of people called Uhuru Republic, who were traveling throughout Kenya and Tanzania and collaborating with many local musicians, in studios and on stage. One evening they were recording the Qanun, the main instrument in the Swahili culture, and Miss Onion participated the whole intensive session of music and Konyagi (the local most famous super alcoholic drink). She fell in love immediately with the Afro-Bass gem that was born, and decided to bring it back to Europe. Like this Miss Onion turned this particular piece into a sweet memory from a splendid trip to the heart of Africa. We immediately shared Miss Onion's love for this real tribal music experience called "Konyagi a Gogo", fusing African instruments with electronic sounds and orchestral elements. For the remix we put the stems in the expert hands of Rafael Aragon who greatly managed to give it an "even more clubbing" spin. The result is a tasty 7" inches called "Veggie Tales Vol. 3"!! We'll hope you enjoy as much as we did. Buon appetito!