na lagoa


A1. Preludio
A2. Say Hum
A3. Na Lagoa
B1. Interludio *A Onca Na Lagoa*
B2. Senhor Carageju
B3. Siriema
C1. Tapete Voader
C2. Disco Voador *Live From Polygon @ Wonderfruit*
D1. Quem Sou Eu
D2. Espelho Dagua



We are thrilled to present you the first full length album by Xavier Fabre and Bibiana Graeff aka Xique-Xique!

Following the flow of their first 'Xaxoeira' EP (which means "Waterfalls" in Portuguese, but spelled in a poetic way) the Album sets an artistic landmark at 'Na Lagoa' (At the Lake).

The 10 album tracks were composed during the last three years between Istanbul, Bangkok and Heliodora (Brazil). Especially from this tropical haven you will find plenty of field recordings throughout the album, like the bird called 'Siriema' featured in the track of the same name. Besides the Xique-Xique trademark sound featuring crispy beats, organic percussion, bell-like synth sounds and a lot of love for the detail you will find Bibiana herself as well as Bruna Takasse (the voice of 'Xaxoeira') on Vocal duties.

'Na Lagoa' is structured as Dawn, Midday, Nightfall and Midnight, and invites you to spend the day at an imaginary lake. In the water, you feel the warm synth textures enclosing you just before cascades of arpeggios start to drop into your ear. Once on the other bank, you wander around and observe the fantastic flora and fauna: dubby effects fly by like surreal bugs, mesmerising synth themes roaming the scenery like bewitched wild animals that welcome you in a dreamlike future-jungle-fantasy. Now come, and follow Bibiana's invitation 'Sobe no Tapete voador'.

Climb on the flying carpet and come to the Lake. Your dreams are already there.