MANUEL TUR | Rhythm Trainx *Vol 3*


rhythm trainx *vol 3*


A1. 100.5 BPM
A2. 110 BPM
A3. 110 BPM
A4. 121(1) BPM
B1. 123 BPM
B2. 125.5 BPM
B3. 126 BPM
B4. 150.62 BPM



Drums, please! Fortunately, Manuel Tur has plenty of them. The well-versed producer is no stranger to Running Back and a most-welcome returnee. Following the box-office success of 121 BPM on the very first Rhythm Trainx edition in 2015 – not to be confused with 121 BPM (1) on here – Tur prepared a whole collection of beating, driving, percussive, pulsating, fast and slow DJ tools, rhythmic repetitions and acrobatic adventures. A dozen tracks (including digital exclusives) Ranging from 100 to 150 Bpm, you get it all and then some: from tribal trace elements to Windy City patterns, New York house fabrics, robotic funk and some of techno's DNA. Saves the (last) night of any DJ and your next mixtape.