CITIZEN MAZE | Northern Angelique


northern angelique


A1. Northern Angelique
A2. Oceanic Trance
A3. Race To The Falls
B1. Floral Mechanics
B2. Strange Array


Melbourne producer Adam McCoy, aka Citizen Maze, returns to Analogue Attic after his widely acclaimed 'Serenity in the Woods' from 2018.

The signature depth and versatility of McCoy's productions is again at the forefront in 'Northern Angelique', with 5 musically rich compositions that lend themselves to a broad range of listening occasions. The first 3 tracks are contemplative and psychedelic, before the record takes on a deeper and darker tone for the remaining 2. Each track feels connected through a sense of simultaneous intensity and gentleness. McCoy says it was the angelic nature of a vox synth, reflections from long beach walks in solitude and the thought of a flight to central Australia that inspired the release. Field recordings from coastal Southeast Asia feature throughout. Hamish Mackay features on guitar.