IMANY | Wonderful Life


wonderful life

Label: Think Zik!
Cat No: TZEP008


12" avant garde experimental single


A1. Wonderful Life
A2. The A Team
B1. Like A Prayer
B2. Wonderful Life *Stream Jockey Rework*


After the triumph of her first two albums (Double Platinum) and Platinum), of the BO of the movie Sous Les Jupes des Filles and of the two singles Don't Be So Shy (Diamond) and You Will Never Know (Gold), Imany succeeds all over the world. Imany is back with her third studio album VOODOO CELLO, where she chooses to gather eight cellos around her for an album of covers that become, without forgetting their roots, Imany's songs at the service of her own convictions. Eight cellos offer a multitude of possibilities between the bass and the high: “Sometimes, we have the impression that they can be brass or electric guitars…