JUNE | Horizons




A1. JW
A2. Reverie
A3. Infinity Room
B1. New Horizons
B2. Uncharted Territories
B3. Psychic Process


Half of Manie Sans Délire, June, turns up on Artificial Dance with his anticipated new mini-album, 'Horizons' - following on from his studio companion Trenton Chase's 'Planar Array' released earlier in 2020. True to the signature synth-splattered sound of his and his duo, June's newest wave-imbued manifesto has us swimming amidst an organized chaos of roughly extruded keyboard wizardry, punk-minded drum programming and a retro-futuristic headspace.

Scanning out the gap between Italo, new wave, EBM and new beat, 'Horizons' shifts seamlessly from forward-moving, arpeggio-laden circuitry ('JW', 'Infinity Room') to hi-intensity body music ('New Horizons'), through ambientoid spaced-out sonic explorations ('Uncharted Territories') and quirky downtempo chuggers ('Reverie', 'Psychic Process'). A kaleidoscope of rhythmic tricks and shape-shifting mirages, June's scope-expanding six-track voyage vows to play mind games with its listener till all lights have gone off.