MAX ESSA | Painting Of The Day


painting of the day


Sun-soaked vibrations incoming from brand new Barcelona imprint Balearic Ensemble. We're over (and under, and around) the moon to present the Painting Of The Day EP, the first in a series of extended plays lined up from the baddest crew of balearic samurais for your aural indulgence.

Leading the charge is the one and only Max Essa, a man some may know as botanist-in-chief at the sublime Jardin Jansen label, others as the shadow behind a string of lush productions sounded out by the likes of the guv'nor Andy Weatherall or a one David Mancuso. Painting Of The Day is the latest in Max's deeply inventive output, with Joe Morris, Lukkas and Ibicenco duo Reisdentes Balearicos serving up three wondrously lush revamps for the heads.

First up is 'Matinee', which takes that laid-back 80s sound and washes it through reverb racks and cascading arpeggiatic tones. Soft, subtle and brilliant, the result is an emotional Essa performance, akin to a soft caress of the waves, or a brush stroke on a canvas in the afternoon sun.

'Tempo Babadoh' is another massive balearic number, promenading and pirouetting its way across a vista of club congas, wah guitar and deluxe synth sounds. Sliding nylon strings evoke memories of a late-night Mandy Smith anthem as agogo bells interweave among the flora and fauna of Max Essa's balearic vision. A lofty, virtuosic affair that's sure to be a staple when the good times come.

Leading the remixes we have Joe Morris's 'Paraiso' version of Tempo Badaboh. It's a(n) NY hymn, a dusty psalm, a stellar reimagining of the original which brings an 80s Chicago feel with all the savoir faire and finesse that the Clandestino man has come to be revered for. Sizzling b-lines, crickets at dusk and time-tested balearic motifs presented in a new, slightly angular light.

Last is Lukkas' Club Mix of Matinee, a dangerous dance weapon with a dose of low frequencies bubbling through the spaces and cracks left between Essa's lush, spacious tones, filtering and resonating its way to the finish line with presence and class. One for the late hours…

And breathe. We proudly present BE001. Welcome to the ensemble - it's a feeling, init…