PLASTIC COCON | Madame Arthur


madame arthur


A1. It Is All Up To Nature
A2. Babe
A3. With You
B1. Circles
B2. Where Did The Stories Come From


Top Tape celebrates its 35th anniversary with the album "Madame Arthur" by PLASTIC COCON (1982-1983).

These special cassette tape recordings have been lost for decades and are now being released for the first time on vinyl (magenta transparent) and remasterd by Rude66. In the early 80s in Amsterdam there were circles from friends and musicians, in different configurations, which made music together at home for pleasure. Plastic Cocon was such a circle.

Plastic Cocon was based on experimental musical encounters by Robby Horsfall (2013) and Menko Konings (founder S.M. Nurse). Some of these encounters were also attended by Anneke Stempher (S.M. Nurse).