ROMEO TAYLOR | The Kingdom Of Scotland


the kingdom of scotland

Label: Acid Waxa
Cat No: ACIWAX50


12" acid electro electronic single techno


A1. The Kingdom Of Scotland
A2. Without You On Christmas
A3. Keep Him On The Line
A4. The Kingdom Of Scotland *English Version*
B. The Kingdom Of Scotland *Roy Of The Ravers Rmx*


Cross-platform entertainer and all round good guy Romeo Taylor, is a cherished personality on the DIY Glasgow music scene, as well as a hilarious presence on the Twitch, YouTube & Twitter-sphere and his Limmy-approved cult rave bop The Kingdom of Scotland (described by Eclair Fifi as 'our new national anthem') finally lands on vinyl, courtesy of Newcastle's Acid Waxa Recs, with bold as brass artwork from Henri Claudel (aka Lewis Cook from Free Love + Fuun Haus et al) + a blistering remix from Roy of The Ravers, to boot!