ROY OF THE RAVERS | Melchester Acid


melchester acid

Label: Acid Waxa
Cat No: ACIWAX32

Status: LANDED

12" acid double electronic house techno


A1. Melchester Acid *Pt 3*
A2. Melchester Acid *Pt 2*
B. Emotinium
C. Home Game Acid *Edit*
D. Away Game Acid *Edit*


After long last, Roy's mega anthem Emotinium finally gets re-released into the wild, following its original inclusion on the lo-fi Acid Waxa cassette classic 2 Late 4 Love + the much sought after 12" EP version released in 2016. This time however, Emo finds itself playing up-front alongside the previously unreleased Melchester Acid Pt. 3 + two wonderful raw studio jams (Home & Away Game Acid) If Emotinium is the cute & cuddly festival fave played by the likes of Aphex Twin & Feel My Bicep et al, then surely this bonus disc of mutant acids are the evil Gremlin offspring, fed & watered after midnight; bubbling, fizzing, hissing and multiplying. 'It's been a rough night for Rockin' Ricky, but he's still on the air!'