SUSUMA YOKOTA | Classic & Unreleased *Pt 1*


classic & unreleased *pt 1*

Label: Cosmic Soup
Cat No: COS004


12" deepness double electronic house


A1. Do Up
A2. Clear Up
B1. Deck Up
B2. Escape
C1. Chill Up
C2. Untitled *Vol 3-04*
D. Clear Up II



26 years after their original release, against the backdrop of the recent reevaluation of Japanese house music world-wide, this 246 Classic and Unreleased Works two part album is filled with techno and deep house tracks created by Susumu Yokota under his 246 alias in 1995. Yokota's 246 works are an invaluable artefact to listen to this amazing era of electronic music in Japan. Comprising rare and unreleased tracks which have been restored and remastered by acclaimed mastering engineer Mike Grinser. They have been cut loud for club play or they can be enjoyed at home. The sleeves (designed by John Williams) feature the original 246 graphic and photos which were taken by Stewart Allan (Cosmic Soup's label head) along the Nakasendo Way walking route in Japan. These tracks soundtracked this extraordinary journey from Tokyo to Kyoto.