Pacific Beach Vinyl is based in San Diego, California, and specializes in finding and selling new, high-quality, electronic and dance music vinyl records, as well as select reissues.


Hugh Herrera runs the distribution division, He's woven in and out of music circles in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Ibiza and San Diego. He had a memorable stint as Music Director at internationally acclaimed Lounge Candelas in San Diego from 2001-06. His company, H-Track Music Group, is Pacific Beach Vinyl's parent explaining the store's HQ locale. On top of the store, the group has a distribution division, two record labels, and manages to eek out installments of long running H-Track Radio from time to time. 

Alicia Nelson oversees the retail operation, including this website. She's a Minneapolis born and raised music junkie bringing to the partnership a Chicago-influenced house flavor that permeates the mid-west US region. Besides that, she's at least ten years younger than the rest of us geezers which means she's paying attention to things our hearing aids might never pick up. When we first ran into Alicia at a Harvey gig, we thought that couldn't be a bad thing.

Andi Hanley, based in Manchester, is pivotal to our import acquisitions. He lays claim to an impressive run as opening DJ at NYC's Body & Soul party where he developed a strong following. Some believe his "party within the party" was the better of the two. There are so many admirable things about Andi, we'll just say that his collection of music and gear is unmatched, and he's a changeless positive gentleman.

Matt Kenney (Bob Dazzla) is a decade's long fixture in the San Diego nightclub world both as a DJ and party maker. In fact it's been longer than a decade as we're recalling seeing him at a Candelas' party in '04 at which he shouted "you're playing Patrick Cowley" from the dance floor during the song Mind Warp. Today, Matt has become the in-house coordinator for PBV's emerging parties, not to mention is heading the evolving digital distribution division here. It requires serious Tech-No-Logical skill. No one would be more impressed than Patrick Cowley himself.