Monitor your reaction to the relentless Coronavirus ticker
Observe the monetary, political and spellbound reasoning behind the news

Ask yourself if you see beyond the spell or if you are under it
Regardless, it is a good practice to observe first before reacting

Spend time on the rewarding things you say you never have time to do

See the importance of the global population stopped in its tracks
to address the things that have it marching to a perilous place
It's likely we have all played a roll in this

Notice the improved air quality as a result of deflated traffic

Enjoy -or- feel the disdain of spending extra time with yourself
or your household family and friends

Understand STAY AT HOME also means these things

*domestic violence increases
*those entering addiction services have nowhere to go
*further isolation for the mentally ill
*single elders are left to die in fear alone
*unexpected stigmas arise for doctors, nurses and caregivers
*criminal opportunities flourish
and so on

Remember governments. nations, states, cities, corporations, military, schools,
hospitals, law enforcement, watchdogs, media, expert agencies are humans

Imagine every human taking care of his or her own self
then in a position of knowledge to help others at any moment

Maybe then we'd see an enlightened announcement like this at the end of every
Coronavirus briefing, article, statistic and death toll update

Consider a diet free of animal products--flesh and dairy--
to eliminate being subject to colds, flus and evolving viruses


Contemplate our statement in the individual and universal contexts
Think for yourself and put yourself in the place of others

In the end do what you want, but most important, understand the outcome of your thoughts and actions