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Label: Music For Dreams

Format: LP Import
Cat: ZZZV15028

balearic chillout Re-stocks


Copehagen's Music For Dreams are very proud to present new Swedish signing 55 Cancri e (aka Sara Hausenkamp). Born in 1989 in Malmö, this talented musician/artist started out learning classical guitar as a child before playing keyboard in different bands in her teenage years/early 20s. In 2013 she moved to Berlin and began playing keyboard/guitar/singing in electro duo ‘naftik’. As well as music, she also expresses herself through illustrations, collages, photos, writing, painting, fanzine-making etc. and studied at the school of Comic Art in Malmö. ‘55 Cancri e’ is Hausenkamp's solo project started in the summer of 2014, an amazing six track mini album of perfect night music from outer space, tunes covered in diamonds - a melting pot of sensitive guitars, crying synthesizers, barking flutes, mellow wine glasses, combined with gorgeous organ/melodica and haunting voices. The end result is a beautiful, melancholic and stunning debut drawing comparisons to artists such as This Mortal Coil and Cocteau Twins... Limited vinyl with stunning original sleeve by the artist - definitely worth investigating.