lp ii

Label: Hauch

Format: LP Import
Cat: HAUCH02

ambient breakbeat electronic krautrock pre-order psychedelic


Just like the animal of the same name, Ai take their time - a lot of their songs clock in at over 15 minutes. Unlike the Brazilian animal, they are not lazy at all. Indeed, they're very busy.

A lot of things going on and stretching out simultaneously, spontaneously, but still beautifully choreographed - the analogue sequencer lines, the warm fuzz guitars with long sustain, the motorik drumming, the shimmering pads - to create a glorious type of psychedelic dance music.

Ai take everything that was good in Krautrock as a touch-stone, spinning it further from there into the now and, of course, beyond.

Super immersive and intense, this record is a trip.

Limited pressing.