ALBRECHT LA'BROOY | Escape Velocity


escape velocity

Label: Voyage

Format: 12" Import
Cat: VYG09

downtempo electronic house spacey


Over the past three years Melbourne's Albrecht La'Brooy have patiently cultivated their own space within Australia's prolific electronic music scene. Deeply rooted in techno's ambient influences, the duo improvise their compositions with an overarching approach that breaks away from techno's conventional presentation.

Recorded in one take from beginning to end, Escape Velocity sees Albrecht La'Brooy take on the Voyage aesthetic and principles to create a twenty five minute odyssey spanning four passages, to be played continuously across the 12Inch medium.

Utilising both sparse, drifting ambient palettes and driving, machine-led rhythms, Escape Velocity is a pensively uplifting account of future travels through space and the ninth installment to the Voyage catalogue.

Both sides of the vinyl are cut as continuous sides.