AMBALA | Calypso Beach


calypso beach

Label: Music For Dreams

Format: 12" Import
Cat: ZZZV16003

balearic house Re-stocks world


Phil Mison says: "Ever since I first met Kenneth Bager at Roskilde Festival in 1992 (where I recognised him from photos in iD Magazine where his outlandish dress sense was very obvious!), we have been friends. It was the start of a long musical relationship and we eventually began working together. My first Cantoma album was recorded for Music For Dreams in early 2006. The Frontera project with Pete Herbert was realised a couple of years later. “Last year we decided it was time for something new, which led to recording AMBALA over the past year in Copenhagen together with musician and engineer Volmer.

AMBALA is an album for dancing, relaxing and doing everything else in between, just enjoy!" This vinyl three tracker on Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams is a teaser for the full album of AMBALA to be released just before the summer kicks in. First track ‘Calypso Beach’ showcases a new direction from from former Cafe Del Mar DJ Phil Mison - classical house with West Indian vibes - a hooky steel drum, live bass, dreamy pads and an irresistible melody make a winning combo. Flip over and there is another twisted tale ‘High Line...’, a funky organ-driven hypnotic groove, old school drum machines, soulful keys ... Balearic for warm summer nights. ‘Bambari’ is an African slow chugger complete with chanting voices. Three choice cuts - pick your favourite! More quality Mediterranean output from that man Mison aka Cantoma aka AMBALA.