by sergio 1994

Label: Amient Ibiza
Cat No: AI41994

Status: LANDED

balearic Tape



Before moving to Ibiza in 1990 DJ Sergio (Geoff) was already well-known though the mix tapes he used to sell in London’s Camden Market to influential DJs such as Danny Rampling. Even then his taste in tunes was legendary.

On the island he was in demand as a DJ at open air parties as well as Pacha, Ku, Amnesia, Space, El Divino, Cafe del Mar, Sa Trinxa, Mambo and Sol Den Serra (now called Amante) where he was a long-time fixture. At the same time he was signed to EMI where he compiled the first three volumes of the classic Ambient Ibiza series. He also began his long-time collaboration with the godfather of chillout José Padilla as well as producing and recording tracks with musician Kenneth Bager in Denmark.

Even in the late stages of his illness, Geoff’s passion for music remained undimmed. Until a few weeks before passing he continued to share tracks with his many friends on Facebook. There was disco from Cameroon, Mauritian funk, seventies Japanese synth-pop and recent Italian space boogie to mention but a few.

But, it wasn’t just for his music that Geoff will be remembered, it’s for his sense of humour and skill as a raconteur. ‘He never suffered a fool or a shite tune, and never said no to a hierbas or a good laugh,’ recalls Ibiza DJ Andy Wilson. ‘Geoff was a loveable rogue from an Ealing comedy, with a touch of the Artful Dodger and a gentleman,’ says DJ Jon Sa Trinxa, laughing, as we tried to piece together Geoff’s past.

He spoke occasionally of an Argentinian wife and time spent in South America. But, Geoff was notoriously vague. His adopted name he sometimes said was because Interpol were after him. He certainly used to tell hilarious tales of his inept exploits as an international drug smuggler. Then again, he might have been called ‘Sergio’ by dance music pioneers Rocky and Diesel who were joking about the amount of Italian piano house Geoff was playing. Who knows?

Even after illness kept Geoff away from the turntables he stayed friends with many from the music business. Fellow Balearic pioneer Phil Mison and funky house DJ Mark Elliott last visited him on the day he died, and were able to play him a few tunes and stream a game featuring Geoff’s beloved Chelsea. ‘We managed to have a laugh together,’ says Phil. ‘It was a good way for him to leave.’