ARTISTIC CONTROL | Walking In Love's Shadow


walking in love's shadow

Label: Dead Wax Records
Cat No: DW020


12" electronic indie no wave


A1. Dance With Me
A2. So Long Love
A3. Fallen Angel
A4. Love's Gone
A5. Tomorrow Never Knows
B1. Walking In Love's Shadow
B2. Veil 'n Vice
B3. Marilyn
B4. Echo
B5. Bless It All


Kez is a mysterious yet very prolific Cornish musician whose extensive material has been kept unreleased almost in its entirety. He rose from the ashes of punk and in 1979 being only 17 he was already experimenting with blending numerous forms of music and twisted electronics. He was part of several acclaimed acts like Aaah…! And Imago, but regarding his main project ARTISTIC CONTROL, only the cassette album 'Bless it all' saw the light of day in 1984. After Kez decided to go ahead on his own without any further musicians in 1985 and dive deeper into more synth based tunes, he recorded many songs on a 4-track cassette recorder with the only help of Karen Kay doing backing vocals. None of these songs would have been heard by anyone if Kez himself wouldn't have shared some of them through Youtube, creating a cult following instantly. We have chosen the ones that in our opinion best represent Kez's awesome musical imagination and skills and have made them available on a physical format for the first time ever. Ten songs are included in this vinyl release; three come from the mentioned 1984 'Bless it all' cassette-only album, the rest being recorded between 1985 and 1987, with some of them 100% previously unheard.