BABY FORD | Bford 14


bford 14

Label: Pal SL
Cat No: SL4

Status: LANDED

12" electronic house re-stocks single techno


A1. Night D3 Died
A2. Make Your Own Sunshine
B1. Serpentine Tale
B2. The Introducer


After gifting us a fresh pressing of Dimbiman's Iso Grifo, Baby Ford revives another highly prized classic from the Pal SL archives. He originally released BFORD14 in 1998, as he was diving deeper and deeper into the minimal techno sound he's best known for these days. The real charm in these tracks is that necessary rawness that comes from the era and means of production, not to mention Ford's peerless sense of groove. From the sublime meditation of "Make Your Own Sunshine" to the shimmering wormhole-worthy patterns of "Serpentine Tale" and on to the boxy house delights of "The Introducer", this is a masterful slice of late '90s techno from one of the scene's all time greats.