&CO | Best Of Friends Rmxs *Rub-N-Tug & Force Of Nature Rmxs*


best of friends rmxs *rub-n-tug & force of nature rmxs*


A repress of our & Co. EP, which was originally released in 2015. Features both a Rub-N-Tug remix and a Force of Nature remix of the title track 'Best of Friends.'

On side A is a remix from the once New York based DJ duo Rub-N-Tug. A2 is from the Japanese DJ duo Force of Nature. Both are fitting to remix the title 'Best of Friends' since we feel they are close to us.

On the B Side, we have the sought after original 'Best Of Friends' track and 'Wine Cooler'.  Bianca Chandon presents & Co. & Co. started out as a small group of friends who surfed and skateboarded together. As they hung out in Venice and shared their interests and ideas about music, sounds started to take shape. What started off with no intentions of being anything serious began to develop, inspiring music composer Alberto Bof, music advisor Paul T. and music coordinator Alex Olson to think about avenues of release.

Inspired by a Seigen Ono record put out for Comme Des Garcons in 1988 Olson got the idea to release the trio's project under his brand Bianca Chandon. This limited 12" has embodied the spirit of the creators and the motivation of the brand to become Bianca's first record release.