BITTER END | Honky Get Fonky


honky get fonky

Label: Bitter End
Cat No: GALL011

Status: LANDED

12" disco edits funk jazz


A. Honky Get Fonky
B. Bu Bu Yam Yam


Bitter End continue to rip up the rule book with a genre defying output that's STILL far better than the rest.

Release No.11 hits the ground running with a whiteboy Disco-Funk bomb on the A, a relentless gallop with soaring synth work and an unwavering commitment to uniting sweaty bodies.

BU BU YAM YAM on the AA is an equally irresistible Jazz-Funk looper which harks back to a time when spats and talc Jazz-dancers vied for space in the dark with saucer-eyed rave explorers.

Dependably incendiary! As always, limited and LOUD