BITTER END | Imperfection Turns Me On


imperfection turns me on

Label: Bitter End
Cat No: GALL012


12" balearic disco edits single


A1. Imperfection Turns Me On
A2. B & E
B. Sleepwalk


Twelve releases in and Bitter End still continue to defy pigeonholes, or glory ones for that matter. It's only fair - in terms of universal balance - that stratospheric pop success should be countered with some gutter realism.

Release No.12 then is the smudged mascara of the morning after, still in the club, but definitely not ready to leave. 'Imperfection Turns Me On' is the sound of Nile Rodgers sharing a bag of flake with the local bell-ringing society, while B & E upsets the curtain twitchers with an uplifting lude-a-thon of swirling synth riffing and those ever-present Crooked and pin sharp beats.

SLEEPWALK unashamedly hogs a whole side, gently imposing its dub-soaked 15 minute self directly into your hypothalamus, with some Basic Channelesque transcendentalism, but from Yorkshire.