BONGO ENTP | Debut EP (Remixes)


debut ep (remixes)

Label: Music For Dreams

Format: 12" Import
Cat: ZZZV16021

balearic dub electronic latin Re-stocks


Late last year Music For Dreams released the digital album "Debut" by Bongo Entp. This passion project from veteran studio session player Jacob Andersen brought us an unexpectedly fresh take on South American music traditions.
On this new vinyl release, the project is both revisited and expanded upon. Cherry picking some of the grooviest cuts from the album for this EP, we also get remix treatments from well sourced collaborators Selvagem & Carrot Green. Both hailing from Brazil, these producers certainly know how to work Latin percussion on a dancefloor.

Taking on the dreamy cover version of Henri Mancini’s classic "Lujón" (original included too), Carrot Green ups the tempo and wrangles the elements of the original into something completely different. Adding a house kick and dark acid undertones, he takes you on a wet trip with lots of twists and turns.

The production duo of Selvagem manage something similar with one of the looser Bongo Entp. jams. The original "Foto Feita Do Aviaõ is a jazzy scat sinaalong tune. In Selvagem’s hands, it turns into an epic cosmic disco groover, locked into place by a muscular baseline. The vocal chants of the original are here, but used in a lower key and more sparingly to punctuate the bounce of the rhythm.

The vinyl includes two other album highlights - the Cafe del Mar classic "El Rey De Pollo" , a Santana-style chill-out affair featuring Mikkel Nordsø of Bombay Hotel fame and finally the moody "Spanish Winter" with its robotic reggae-like groove and syrup-thick synthesizers bubbling in a bittersweet fashion. A superb package.