C POWERS | All Right


all right

Label: Alliance Upholstery

Format: 12" Domestic
Cat: AU004

electro house


Informed by years spent building electronics and collecting records in Chicago and honing crowd control skills in the foggy clubs of London, C Powers' output approaches multiple rhythmic configurations via the intent of generating human response expressed in dance.

C Powers is currently residing back in his home state of Georgia and is holding resident DJ posts at Atlanta's HUNGER club night and his own Cape Fear in Savannah GA. C is also the resident DJ for Savannah's own House Of Gunt performance group who through cross sensory stimulation experiences involving gender blasting action and choreography.

Chris's recent output includes 12's on Proper Trax, CGI, Niche-N-Bump, as well as producing tracks for 18+ (Houndstooth/Fabric). All Right is a sample-based late night banger with remixes from House music heavyweights Parris Mitchell (Dance Mania), Kai Alce (NDATL), and John Barerra & Will Martin (Dolly, Argot).

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