COEO | Tonic Edits Vol 6 *The Japan Reworks*


tonic edits vol 6 *the japan reworks*


A1. Japanese Woman
A2. Matchbox
B1. Uber Man
B2. Tibetan Dance


Coeo have been travelling in Japan and discovered the magic of City Pop: That Japanese Disco movement of the 1980ies. Back then there were amazing dance tracks coming out of Japan. Some with Japanese lyrics others with American vocals. Often so perfectly played and recorded that it was hard to tell if the music came out of NYC basement studios or for real Asiatic studio musicians. Coeo found a lot of rare jams and did edits for their DJ sets. As at the Toy Tonics office everybody is always searching for the rare and unknown the crew was totally excited. And so the decision was made quickly: Let's put out a few of these rare jams & edits. Here they are.